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May. 9th, 2006 @ 01:48 pm
As Carrotia #8 finally begins to approach completion, I'd like to share with you an exclusive preview from draft #3, for the thirteen of you that can't be bothered to remove this community from their friendslist:

"...but what I'm saying is that it's completely impossible for any prisoner to even take his keepers seriously if they can't understand the fundamental difficulty in mixing grey with yellow. See, the metaphysical nature of..."

Every inch of Shilee's body shouted at him to resume rumbling around the cell looking for something to bump his head on, but the newly applied cushioning wouldn't do him any favours, and he feared he already had a skull fracture just waiting to burst.

"...what I mean is, have you considered going with a transparant immediacy theme instead of a hypermedial one? It might racket up the anxiety factor a bit further, considering the windowed state of..."

"I'm begging you," his hands curled around the bars in much the same way as they weren't curling around Tinner's neck, "Shoot me, torture me, take away my clothes, anything. Wait," he dug around his pockets.

"...so I say to you, do you really, truly think that fuchsia blends with mauve? There's a fundamental matter of identity that you appear to be forgetting here..."

"Here. Take this pencil. Stab my eardrums out. Come on. Just a little bit of applied force..."

Good night, and good luck.

Carrotia no7: Sof Pink Composite Dec. 16th, 2005 @ 10:54 am

The fun you can have in space Dec. 13th, 2005 @ 11:48 am

Most of you have probably forgotten all about it, but the Carrotia project, the fluffy space saga collaboration between halfnorn and me is still on the go. The last couple of weeks there has been worked hard on the 7th installment. I finishing the last couple of pictures as we speak. Yes that's right, this chapter is going to be a little different as you're used to. This chapter will feature not one but twelve drawings and will be read in a carefully planned-out layout.
Since it was half a year since the last chapter I've looking over what I've done so far critically and came to redesign the main characters because I found them to look too much alike. Oh well, you'll find out everything soon enough. ;)

Carrotia no6: Blush Before Ten Aug. 20th, 2005 @ 10:06 pm
Here it is, at last, the continuation of the Carrotia saga with a brand new chapter of Poll and Tinn with a shocking revelation! I will say no more. ;)

It is a generally well-accepted fact that Carrotians do not deal well with stress. In fact, they are so horrible at coping with the more stressful qualities of life that many necessary vocations are only filled because of government orders and violent threats.
Military service is particularly undesirable, and history has counted only three Carrotians who volunteered for the infantry. Master General Ossin Gratzl, who founded the Infantry Force to begin with, reasoned that the force was necessary to keep Carrotia safe from all that might threaten it. Gonniz Eteyn, singer of internationally reviled rockgroup The Retrievers, reasoned that her planet needed a degree of stalwart military pride to survive the next millennium.
Finally, Pollin Therza, daughter of legendary Field Painter Mussin Therzal, reasoned that she hated everyone and everything, and at least the force would give her plenty of opportunities for ‘friendly fire’.
The Primari, on the other hand, have no such qualms against the army, as they find bleeding to death to be the most aesthetically preferable alternative to living.

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Carrotia no5: Violaceous Half May. 5th, 2005 @ 05:28 pm
Here it finially is... after months of delay; the 5th installment in the Carrotia saga! ;)

"I don't know how many guards are still alive," Shilee's voice rung through the spacious hallway. "So you better keep your gun ready." He peeked around the edge of the wall, searching the irregularily illuminated corridor. "Think it's all safe here, though."
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» Carrotia #4: Eight at the Coral

#4: Eight at the Coral

There is not a civilization in which starship guards are not generally nasty men who like to point intimidating guns at people. The Carrotian and Primari guards, however, are also very much inclined to writing poetry about how much they like to walk around pointing intimidating guns at people, and how much they loathe people attempting to reason with them about getting another job.
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» Animated Tinn
Tinn just recently set his first steps as an fully-animated character. A must see, me thinks ;)

Download it here

I should get my act together soon, and illustrate the fourth chapter, dammit. Schoolwork and lack of inspiration got the best of me at the moment.
» Carrotia no3 - 7 AM Rose
Chapter 3, here we go. I'll update the text for the latest revised version as soon I'm home with connection, but this will do for now.

Before we continue any further into the story, it must now be made abundantly clear that every line spoken by a Carrotian in this chronicle is but an approximation to the complexity of the Carrotian language, and a poor one at that.
Much like the Inuit language, which contains several dozen different words for snow, the Carrotian language supports countless different ways of describing brushstrokes, collages, application of glue, application of glitter, and tiny details on the surface of pylons.
In fact, the moment that Poll realised that there was something incredibly crooked with her own civilization, and thus began her descent into a decidedly uncarrotian state of mind, was when her teacher demanded she'd write the word for 'slightly diagonal brushstroke on multiply with a 65% layer of transparency' a hundred times on the blackboard during astrometrics class.

"Wake up!" A soft moan rose from the lips of the male rabbit lying on the floor. "C'mon, Tinn!" He shielded his eyes with his hand. "Wake up! You've been sleeping for long enough now."

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Soon enough, there will be new updates of Carrotia here; but for the time being, here are the links to the first two installments:

The Coming Soon poster
#1: Dawn in Fuchsia
#2: Lilac of Daybreak
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