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Pollin's Acts of Displeasure

The Carrotian Council of Good Taste
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This is the official update community for the 'Carrotia' illustrated story series by bakenius (Leo; illustrations) and halfnorn (Len; writing).

Carrotia is a story of outsiders. It is about deviant thought in a controlling civilization. It is about war. It is about insanity. It is about pink, fluffy bunnies obsessed with art.

And it is the story of the disgruntled military Carrotian Pollin Therza, her frightened, traditional Carrotian sidekick Tinner Estzal, and suave Primari nuisance Shilee Eeen.

Forget about golden clubs and art-as-a-weapon, ignore silly old wives' tales about pain inflicted by paintbrush, stare disapprovingly at the Historical Monks of Carrotia IV at your local zoo, and settle down for this one, true retelling of the saga that shaped the Carrotian Empire..

How far are you as of now?
Chapters one through seven are out now, eight is in the works. Chapters can take anything from three weeks to six months to more, so patience is a virtue.

Why isn't Chapter eight/nine/ten/whatever done yet?
bakenius is a full-time animator-in-training, and halfnorn is an intensely busy film & television student. This is why they don't keep a schedule. Chapters will come as they do.

Oh, come off it. I bet you guys have no idea what you're doing.
We probably have a better idea of what we're doing than you do.
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